Country Music


I love country music a lot. I happen to have tons! So a random song every day seemed like a good idea :) There's no particular order or anything, I'm just uploading what I like listening to (and most likely what I am listening to a lot that day). I hope y'all enjoy! :)

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Title: Copperhead Road Artist: Steve Earle 2,717 plays

Steve Earle - Copperhead Road

Title: Gonna Die Young Artist: Dierks Bentley 1,227 plays

Dierks Bentley - Gonna Die Young

Title: Oklahoma Sky Artist: Miranda Lambert 1,739 plays

Miranda Lambert - Oklahoma Sky

Title: Better In The Long Run Artist: Miranda Lambert Feat. Blake Shelton 3,649 plays

Miranda Lambert - Better In The Long Run (Feat. Blake Shelton)

Title: Easy Living Artist: Miranda Lambert 463 plays

Miranda Lambert - Easy Living

Title: Same Old You Artist: Miranda Lambert 1,083 plays

Miranda Lambert - Same Old You

Title: Dear Diamond Artist: Miranda Lambert 1,487 plays

Miranda Lambert - Dear Diamond

Title: Look At Miss Ohio Artist: Miranda Lambert 875 plays

Miranda Lambert - Look At Miss Ohio

Title: That Girl Is A Cowboy Artist: Garth Brooks 93,641 plays

Garth Brooks - That Girl Is A Cowboy

Title: Safe Artist: Miranda Lambert 29,861 plays

Miranda Lambert - Safe